Sarah + Olivier

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Sarah and Olivier come from two different continents and cultures and have friends and family spread throughout the world. The decision was to throw a grande fiesta at some place in between Switzerland and the US. Lanzarote was not a random selection, though. Olivier has been going to this island since he was a child and Sarah has been 3 times in the past. They felt that this island was symbolic of places where Sarah and Olivier have lived (the beaches of Florida and the deserts of Arizona for Sarah and the mountains of Switzerland, although not as high, for Olivier and Sarah). This island also has a huge natural aspect to it, containing species local only to the island and amazing geological and ecological wonders, which, as ecologists, Olivier and Sarah were instantly drawn to.

The venue where we they got married, the white houses that pocket the island, and overall artistic feel of the island owe their credit to the local artist and architect, C├ęsar Manrique. When he was alive, he had a huge influence on transforming Lanzarote into what it is today. He was passionate about intertwining art with the ecological aspects of the island. He also recognized the island’s tourist potential and encouraged attracting tourists, but not over-developing or becoming too touristy.


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